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Orientalism Webinar Series (OWS) is a series of online lectures, each of which will host a world-famous distinguished speaker on a related field with Orientalism. In each webinar session, a speaker will give a 30-40-min. talk on a topic about their scholarship followed by a 15-min. question and answer session. The lecture will be run via Zoom and aired live on the ASBÜ’s YouTube channel. Before the start of the talk, a short introduction about the speaker will be provided by Beyazıt Akman, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Filiz Barın Akman, the Vice Chair and Acting Chair of the Department of English Language and Literature.

Our aim is to give an opportunity to students and scholars from around the world to become familiar with the trailblazing and cutting-edge scholarship of internationally acclaimed academics on critical theories of Orientalism and Post-colonialism as well as related issues of the image of the Other, namely the East, Islam and the Turks in Western discourse and Islamophobia; cross-cultural interactions and encounters between East and West in the historical contexts of the Renaissance and beyond.

With the gracious contributions of these important scholars, we hope to inspire more emerging students and scholars to see the rich possibilities of potential research subjects in these significant area studies.

We also hope that this webinar series will be a global engagement, inspired by the ultimate messages of these theoretical schools: multiculturalism, mutual understanding and respect for the other. Since the talk will be aired via YouTube, students and scholars from all around the world will be able to benefit from this event.


Key features of OWS:

  • Internationally-acclaimed scholars from around the world
  • Founding figures, exponents and theorists of Orientalism & Post-colonialism
  • Open to all students and scholars worldwide
  • Live Q&A and discussion sessions
  • Run via Zoom and broadcast on YouTube


Subject matters include:

  • Orientalism & Post-colonial Literary Theories
  • The Image of Islam, Turks and the East in British (and wider Western) Literature, Culture and Politics
  • East-West Discourse
  • Cross-cultural Encounters in the Mediterranean Realm
  • Islamophobia in the West
  • Media & Representation of Islam, Turks and the non-European “Other”
  • Knowledge, Power and the Construction of the “Other”
  • Culture & Imperialism
  • English Literature Curricula around the World


Relevant disciplines include:

  • Literature,
  • Cultural Studies,
  • History,
  • Politics,
  • Anthropology,
  • Sociology,
  • Art,
  • Media Studies and Journalism




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